male extra Male Extra Erectile Gel, fast acting sextual erection gel – 60 mLميل إكسترا – جل الإنتصاب السريع – 60 مل

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  • تبدء النتائج المرجوة فى الظهور بعد شهر من الإستخدام المتواصل
  • ميل إكسترا جل الانتصاب السريع تركيبة موضعية مع تقنية إمتصاص سريعة تمكن الرجال من التحكم فى حساسية القضيب من أجل تحقيق الأداء الجنسى الأمثل
  • يصبح عضوك صلبا فى اللحظة التى تريدها يجعل قضيبك أكثر صلابة و تستمتع بمغامرات جنسيه رائعه تدوم طويل
  • سهل الاستخدام يتم وضعه قبل ممارسة الجنس ب 10 دقائق
  • المكونات طبيعية ونقية ويحتوى على الارجينين الذى يعمل على زيادة تدفق الدم الى القضيب ويمكنك التحكم فى الإنتصاب بشكل أفضل
  • What is Male Extra Erection Gel?

Male Extra Erection Gel should be used with Male Extra Pills and for one month at least to get desired results. Final results require a full dosage of 3 to 6 months of continous usage Male Extra Erection Gel is an erection gel made by a company that has improved people’s sexual lives since 2009. It boasts of getting you erect-on-demand without waiting for the absorption of pills into your body. Your member gets stiff the moment you want it to, allowing you to satisfy your partner with powerful sex as you drive the point home. Natural ingredients make this gel safe and free of such effects, letting you use it freely and frequently. In fact, the more you use it, the better you get. What it Contains This erection gel contains L-arginine, a compound that promotes the production of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide is responsible for the expansion of blood vessels. When the gel gets applied on the penis, it promotes the swelling of blood vessels there, increasing the flow and storage of blood and the delivery of much-needed nutrients essential for the proper health of your penis. L-arginine is an amino acid, readily found in your body. It is found in protein-rich foods too, including poultry, fish, red meat, and soya beans. It can be swallowed as a pill form or you can rub it on topically. What’s Behind Male Extra Erection Gel? Male Extra Erection Gel works by leveraging the power of the amino acid, L-arginine, to charge up the body. L-arginine gets naturally produced by the body but can get supplemented from different protein sources, if natural production gets low. When you rub this amino acid on your penis, it sends your body the signal to produce more nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for the expansion of blood vessels in your body. Your blood vessels expand to contain more blood than they usually do. This expansion gives rise to a firmer, more robust, longer-lasting erection. Not only so, but it also encourages the delivery of much-needed nutrients and oxygen to the penis to ensure it has all the power it needs to rise to the occasion. The gel does not have any odor or texture to it as it gets completely absorbed into your penis. These properties leave you and your partner free to enjoy the power of your magic wand without getting repulsed by any foreign smells. How to Use Male Extra Erection Gel This product stands above the rest, not just with its ease of use but by how enjoyable you’ll find it. It comes in a tube, similar to some creams. You squeeze some of the gel in your hand and rub it all over your penis. Next, massage the gel onto the member and give it a moment to absorb it into the system. It takes such a short time to act that you can get your groove on as it works. The beauty about this erection gel is that it can set the pace for foreplay as your lover massages your member, and it erects to its full glory. The manufacturer advises you to use the product for at least 90 days to get lasting effects. It allows you the freedom to enjoy fuller, firmer erections when you use it regularly. The manufacturer also advises you to pair up the gel with Male Extra pills that support nitric oxide production in your body. Dosage Apply this gel anytime you want to get it on with your partner. It acts instantly, allowing you to enjoy great sex as your partner grows wild with satisfaction. You use it as an essential oil, applying just what you need around your shaft. Safety Standards Male Extra erection gel has the backing of over a decade’s worth of research that supports it. Made from pure, natural ingredients, the company ensures the end product is free of toxins and any unwanted substances. The manufacturing process takes place in a sterile environment that upholds the highest manufacturing standards. It has the certification of the Good Manufacturing Practice body in the US and has passed all necessary regulatory protocols. The product has been tested across various third-party labs that verify its safety and abilities. Beyond this, the company confirmed over 300,000 users worldwide testified of its potency in dealing with their bedroom woes. Satisfied clients have the best placement to speak of a product’s efficacy. Packaging and shipping follow the highest standard of safety in this season of extra caution. Employees use mouth masks and regularly sanitize while handling your order. Non-contact delivery gets utilized to ensure you don’t meet with anyone during the whole process from ordering to delivery. You can rest assured you get a safe and reliable product guaranteed to satisfy you.

Male Extra Erection Gel Benefits

  • You experience stiff, hard erections that let you drive your partner to sweet release.
  • You get to enjoy glorious orgasms that get you to see rainbows in the room as you climax. These extreme orgasms come courtesy of the penis engorged with blood.
  • Your penis gets staying power with the help of the nitric oxide released by the supplement. You get to enjoy longer-lasting sexual escapades that fully satisfy your lover.
  • Your sexual health improves with the continual use of this supplement. Your member grows significantly, and you get to control erection better with consistent use.

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  • maximes your pleasure
  • harder errections
  • firmness and overall improvement of sexual arousal
  • improve sexual energy and vitality
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