Himalayan Healing Intense Shilajit Drops – Royal Edition – 30ml قطرات رويال شيلاجيت هيمالايا النقى 30 مل

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  • شيلاجيت النقى السائل يتم جمعه من مياه الأنهار الجليدية فى جبال الهيمالايا لعمل قطرات شيلاجيت الملكية المكثفة
  •  هذه القطرات غنية جدا بالمعادن الطبيعية والمغذيات الدقيقة التى تدعم صحة التمثيل الغذائى وزيادة إنتاج الطاقة و تساهم فى إستقرار ضغط الدم وسرعة التعافى بعد التمرين
  •  يساهم الشيلاجيت فى تحسين صحة البشرة والشعر وتعزيز التئام الجروح
  •  الشيلاجيت غنى بالمعادن النادرة الأيونية النباتية و حمض الفولفيك والأحماض الأمينية و المكونات الأخرى التى تعزز إمتصاص المغذيات
  •  آمن وخالى من جميع أنواع المعادن الثقيلة او أى ملوثات بكتيرية أخرى
  • Cleansing and purifying natural source of energy from the highest altitude! Tested for all heavy metals
  • Bean is a natural trace mineral and fulvic acid.


  • : 5-10 drops once or twice a day with milk or warm drinking water once or twice a day before any meal.
  • Not guaranteed to be the best shilajit drops in the world

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Healing Roy shilajit as its name suggests, is the most superior version of shilajit. At Himalayan Healing, we tested different methods and found a way to produce the best quality pure shilajit. Bare rocks and mixes in water. Aside, the filtrate settles, and is passed through various natural filters during the purification process. Once filtered, the solution is left in the sun for weeks to slowly dry out at the temperature where it maintains it’s natural essence. Eventually all the water evaporates leaving behind a pure resin of what we actually call pure shilajit. The story of royal shilajit begins.” As pure shilajit resin settles, in the very bottom layer settles the best part of shilajit which has a denser and more superior quality of shilajit. Using this finest part of shilajit, we combine it with the water of the glaciers of the mountains. Himalayas To Make Intense Royal Shilajit Drops. These drops are extremely rich in natural minerals and micronutrients, and the best quality you could possibly not get any better – which is why we call it Royal Shilajit! Royal Shilajit is 100% food safe and free from all kind of heavy metals or any other bacterial contamination. They have been tested in internationally recognized third-party laboratories to ensure the safety of their use. Recommended by the world famous nutritionist Dr. Karim Ali, the expert in professional nutritional consultancy who rose to fame in the Middle East after advising thousands of people referred by several doctors.

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