Double Wood Apigenin Supplement – 50mg per Capsule, 120 Count

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  • Powerful Bioflavonoid Found in Chamomile Tea for Relaxation, Sleep, and Mood
  • Relaxation and Nighttime Support: Apigenin may support healthy cortisol levels to support healthy Nighttime habits
  • Powerful Antioxidant: Apigenin is a powder antioxidant which helps promote healthy aging and skin health
  • Supports Cognitive Function: Some research shows that Apigenin may support cognitive function
  • Two Month Supply: Each bottle of Apigenin contains 120 capsules and 50mg per capsule. Enough Apigenin to last a full two months

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The Double Wood Difference Apigenin Supplement

Apigenin Supplement

Apigenin Supplement

Apigenin Supplement


Apigenin belongs to the class of nutrients known as bioflavonoids which are present in most plants. This antioxidant compound is especially abundant in chamomile tea and may support healthy cortisol levels by exerting an inhibitory effect on cortisol.


Apigenin may help support healthy sleep quality and healthy cortisol levels. Apigenin’s antioxidant properties help promote healthy aging and support skin health. Some studies have found it may also support cognitive function which make Apigenin a great supplement to feel you best!


As a supplement for sleep, take 50 mg (1 capsule) per day before bedtime along with a source of dietary fat. To support healthy stress levels, take 1 capsule per day in the morning with breakfast.


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